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First saltie of season arrives under Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge – Duluth News Tribune

staticwire | April 2, 2024
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The 2024 maritime shipping season opened with the grand entrance of the Barbro G, a Portuguese-flagged 623-foot bulk carrier, into the Port of Duluth-Superior on Monday, April 1. Operated by Sweden’s Brochart KB, the vessel was awarded the prestigious First Ship Award by the Duluth Seaway Port Authority for completing the season’s first full transit of the St. Lawrence Seaway en route to the westernmost port of the Great Lakes.

As a tradition, the arrival of the first saltwater ship from the Atlantic Ocean signals the annual opening of the Duluth-Superior Harbor. Despite a recent snowstorm, the arrival of the Barbro G marked a significant moment that symbolized the economic impact these great ships bring to the region.

The Barbro G docked at the Ceres/Riverland Ag terminal on Rice’s Point to load approximately 22,000 short tons of durum wheat bound for Algeria. This cargo is just one of the many goods that pass through the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway System, connecting the heartland of the United States to international markets.

Deb DeLuca, the executive director of the Duluth Seaway Port Authority, expressed excitement over welcoming the Barbro G and highlighted the significance of sharing Midwestern wheat with the world through the port. The arrival of the first saltie ship also sets the stage for the upcoming season of interlake navigation and trade.

On Tuesday, the Port Authority is set to announce the winner of the annual first ship contest, where nearly 8,000 participants attempted to guess the date and time of the first saltie passing under the Aerial Lift Bridge. The Barbro G arrived on April 1, just four days later than the all-time earliest first ship record set on March 28, 2023.

As the Barbro G navigated through the Duluth harbor and passed under the Aerial Lift Bridge, spectators gathered along the waterfront to witness the historic event. Crew members of the vessel waved at onlookers, capturing the essence of maritime tradition and the connection between the shipping industry and the local community.

The arrival of the Barbro G heralds the beginning of a new shipping season in the Great Lakes region, promising continued economic prosperity and international trade through the bustling ports of Duluth-Superior. With vessels like the Barbro G carrying essential goods across the waters, the ports serve as vital gateways for commerce and connectivity between the Midwest and the global marketplace.

This report was crafted by our newsroom, drawing information from official sources and eyewitness accounts of the Barbro G’s first arrival in the Port of Duluth-Superior for the 2024 maritime shipping season.

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