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Mont du Lac Resort Opens for a Bonus Day on Saturday

staticwire | April 2, 2024

SUPERIOR, Wis. (CNN) – In an unexpected turn of events, Mont du Lac Resort in Superior, Wisconsin, decided to reopen its slopes for one last day of skiing and snowboarding after a recent winter storm brought fresh powder to the area.

The resort, which closed its hills for the season two weeks ago, saw a surge in visitors eager to take advantage of the bonus day on Saturday. Skiers and snowboarders who held passes for the recent and upcoming seasons were given the opportunity to hit the slopes one more time before the official end of the winter sports season.

Despite the late-season reopening, Mont du Lac Resort managed to have most of its runs open for the day, allowing enthusiasts to enjoy the fresh snow in a picturesque setting. The extended season brought joy to many who were not ready to say goodbye to the winter sports season just yet.

Visitors took to social media to share their excitement about the unexpected bonus day, with many expressing gratitude to the resort for providing one last opportunity to enjoy the snow-covered slopes. The atmosphere at Mont du Lac Resort was one of camaraderie and celebration as skiers and snowboarders came together to make the most of the surprise day on the mountain.

As the sun set on the extended season at Mont du Lac Resort, guests reflected on the memories made and the fun had on the slopes. The resort’s decision to reopen for one final day proved to be a hit with winter sports enthusiasts, highlighting the enduring allure of skiing and snowboarding in the heart of Wisconsin.

With the sun setting on another ski season, Mont du Lac Resort can look back on a successful year filled with excitement, snow, and the camaraderie of fellow winter sports enthusiasts. As visitors pack away their skis and snowboards for the summer, they can eagerly await the return of the snow-covered slopes next winter.

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